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Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm EST
f.d.r., but it was basically a domestic speech. if there's one thing i know about barack obama, having written a biography of him and having some contact with him, the one thing he is cop standpointly asking about when it comes to israeli politics is who is my constituency? in other words, if i am going to spend political capital-- which i have a limited amount of for the collected number of issues i have to deal with for a certain period of time-- who am i appealing to? and that is something that came out ofeate election. it has to be a little more encouraging than it could have been. not enormously but under encouraging than if bennett had come in second or third and the likud list had triumphed. no question. >> it's a major-- look, the election -- >> rose: go ahead. >> it's a major change today compared to what you thought it was 48 hours ago. >> on the other hand-- >> and yair lapid is not sustainable change. >> i do think it's sustainable change. >> rose: it's not one election with one-- >> absolutely. looking, i don't think beebe is opposed to a transaction with the pales
Feb 1, 2013 10:00am EST
extinct as a political party if they don't make the changes. and so no, it's very clear, what's happening. now i welcome it, i think it's great. and i think that president obama gave a terrific inaugural address. i was so pleased by his words on climate, for example, and i know we'll have a chance to come back to that. it's only one of the six drivers of change here. but on immigration i think he drove that issue home. as he did on gay rights which i thought was a wonderful part of the speech. and i think that we are seeing our nation change right before our eyes. partly as a result of this election. >> you have changed in december of 2012, you wrote a piece in rolling stone, very tough on the president. >> i think it was back in the summer of 2012. >> tough on the president, saying it wasn't using the bully pulpit. saying he hadn't done all he could on climate change and yet once you saw the inaugural speech you seem to have changed your sense of him and your assessment of what he is prepared to do, that perhaps he was prepared to do, what you had hoped he would do in the first term and
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)